cards for children
with professor heather bizon || spring 2019

This project came about from the need for better community engagement tools and methods. Cards For Children is a card game that helps a designer, architect, or anyone create a playground space that has taken into account what the children using it will find most appealing and exciting. Along with the game comes a subsequent analysis that creates ‘realities’ for all the answers that come with the question asked. From this, maps are created that act as a tool for analysing where an how on a playground could these ‘realities’ be adapted and used.

The following project represent the analysis one game. This game had one round of fifteen minutes played between seven people from ages twenty and above.

The base maps for these diagrams is the work done in Stefan Gruber’s design build studio to adapt Community Forge’s existing outdoor site into a well designed playground/playscape. Seven sets of data were used to create seven sets of maps that represented the ways in which each of the playground situations could be adapted to fit the needs of the cards picked in the round that was played.

shariwa sharada